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Sticky’s Place – Bingin

Sticky’s Place, Bingin Beach, Bukit Peninsula, Bali

Bungalow Accommodation.

Please note: Images of Sticky’s Place, Bingin can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Sticky’s Place is an accommodation complex which consists of 3 stand alone bungalows & private rooms with a shared bathroom.

As a business partner with Sticky in one of the stand alone bungalows (Dulu Bungalow), I rent out this bungalow to surfers & travellers.

It is perfectly suited to a couple, but an additional mattress can be organised on the balcony (not suitable for infants).  This balcony has drop down bamboo blinds.

Family owned and managed Warung.  Family member on-site 24 hours.

Bedroom Dimensions:  3.8m x 3m width,

Balcony Dimensions: 3.8m x 2.5m width,

Traditional Balinese – “Bale” Style Construction


  • Electricity: 2 power points
  • Lighting: Spotlight/Adjustable
  • Electric Fan
  • Balinese furniture with balcony cushions
  • Serviced kitchen with Traditional Balinese & Western Menu’s
  • Single bedroom Accomodation: King sized bed with Mosquito Netting (provision for additional bedding)
  • Private Western toilet with shower facility  (on ground floor)

Sticky’s Place is situated 30 metres from the waters edge & our bungalow enjoys uninterrupted ocean views of Bingin Reef & Dreamland beach, with partial views of Impossibles.

The sunsets are extraordinary.

Kelly’s  Warung is located in front of Sticky’s Place. Kelly’s is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere & western & local menu’s.

Made & Rikki from Kelly’s Warung also own & run the “Cashew Tree” restaurant on the Bingin cliff top.

Bingin is approximately 10 minutes to Uluwatu, 30 minutes to Airport, 45 mins to Kuta

Daily Rates:

  • $60-00AUD per couple per night,
  • Airport transfers 200,000 Rupiah each way.

If you have any additional queries regarding Bungalow Dulu please do not hesitate to contact me in Australia by email ( or mobile +614 11 969 453

Other Accommodation within Sticky’s Place

If you wish to make an enquiry about private rooms with shared bathrooms or the other two private bungalows at Sticky’s Place, please contact Sticky direct on +62 816 574 104 or

Please note: bookings made here in Australia for Bungalow Dulu, take priority and precedence over bookings taken in Bingin

For bookings please contact:

Andrew Krzywniak

m      +61 (0)411 969453